“Hep (help), mama!”

Chasing His Grace

It seems like now adays God has chosen Mackenzie as his main line of communication with me.  I swear, almost everything that child does has 5 point sermon attached to it.  One of the most profound things happened a few days ago between her and me, and I haven’t been able to shake it since.  It was deep.  Real deep.

It was a typical morning.  She and I were playing in her playroom, and she was mesmerized by her kitchen set that she got for Christmas.  She was making me “coff” (coffee) and “cuh-cakes” (cupcakes) and having a blast make believe cooking for her mama.

Suddenly, she spotted something in her kitchen that was just out of her reach.  She started to stick her arms way up high in the air, but it was clear that she was still not going to be able to get it.  After going through…

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